“You have failed if you cannot speak and write your dialect” – Actress, Ifemeludike

Nov 27, 2020 | Entertainment

Nollywood actress, Grace Ifemeludike has tagged Nigerians, specifically Igbos who can’t write or speak their local dialects as failures.

Ifemeludike dialect

The actress took to Instagram to highlight the need for the Nigerian cultural heritage to be preserved and protected at all cost.

She further admonished parents to restrict the use of English language as the major language of communication in their homes, and encourage a pattern of communication in their indigenous language.


Ifemeludike wrote,

Dear “my mama say I be igbo” I apologize on behalf of your parents for depriving you the joy of originality.

You may not understand they challenges of not having a true identity and not been able to identify with your kind until you go on a mission that requires communicating with your village people, devil go really mock you if na political position you dey find especially if it’s in the southeast.

Language is the first tool for socio-political influence and must not be taken for granted…

Parents please reduce this too much half baked English you speak at home with your children, introduce a pattern of communication with your indigenous language. Let them speak English with all they phonetics in school biko… We have a unique cultural heritage that must be preserved and protected by all means…
Ps. Igbo language is the sweetest in the whole world 😁❤️

See her post below,

Ifelemudike dialect


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