Chidimma Ojukwu’s case to be transferred to Abuja

Aug 21, 2021 | News

Usman Baba, the Inspector-General of Police, has ordered the case of Usifo Ataga, the murdered Super TV Chief Executive Officer, to be transferred from Lagos to Abuja.

The IGP, according to sources, ordered that the investigation be taken up by the Force Criminal Investigation Department, and that the key suspect in the murder, Chidinma Ojukwu, 21, be transported to Abuja.

“The transfer of Usifo Ataga’s murder case to Abuja has been approved by the IGP. “The FCID will handle it,” a top source informed reporters.

The family claimed on Wednesday that the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Hakeem Odumosu, may be protecting the killers of their son because of the police questionable handling of the case.

Chidinma, the key suspect in Ataga’s murder, was allegedly arraigned in a Yaba Magistrate Court without the family’s knowledge.

Last Sunday, the family of the deceased Super TV CEO hired Mike Ozekhome, SAN, a human rights lawyer, to ensure that justice was given for their slain son.

In a letter to Ozekhome, Ataga’s family also accused the police of obstructing efforts to bring those responsible for the Super TV CEO’s murder to justice.

The family, in the letter, accused the Lagos CP of “attempting to protect the killers of Ataga.”

Chidinma’s apparent vip movement from prison to court and back to prison was also criticised by the Usifo family.

Chidinma was reportedly transported without handcuffs in an Uber vehicle.

The family claimed that the man who claimed to be Chidinma’s father and was charged with impeding an inquiry was her “sugar daddy,” not her biological father.

They had criticised the magistrate court for granting N1 million bail to Chidinma’s father and another suspect in the case, Babalola Disu.

Disu was “highly suspected” of carrying out the murder, according to the family.

Ataga’s family based their suspicions on information that Disu’s short-term rental flat was exactly opposite from the one where Mr Ataga was killed.

The family, on the other hand, encouraged Ozekhome and his team to take up the case and ensure that justice is served by a thorough investigation of all individuals involved in the murder.

Ozekhome also revealed that he is now Ataga’s legal representative.

Ozekhome said the bereaved family engaged him “to protect and defend the interests of the Ataga family and his teeming friends, admirers, kinsmen, and business associates, to ensure that justice is duly served in the matter,” in a statement released on Sunday.


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