Tonto Dike’s boyfriend denies leaked audio, says recording not his voice

Aug 20, 2021 | Gossip

Prince Kpokpogri, Tonto Dikeh’s boyfriend has denied reports that he was the one speaking in the audio tape circulating on social media.

An Instagram blogger shared a phone tape supposedly between Prince and an unidentified woman earlier today. In the audio recording, he admits to cheating on the actress and loves sleeping with the unidentified woman. 

He also revealed that he and the actress have been arguing about her refusal to quit smoking and drinking, which irritates him. He made disparaging remarks about the actress, while the woman with whom he was on call also mocked Tonto.

The audio recording has elicited conflicting comments from social media users, who are waiting for Tonto Dikeh or her lover to respond.

Prince, on the other hand, has debunked the audio recording, calling it a “fake clone audio” that should be ignored. He went on to say that he’ll do an Instagram Live so that people can hear his genuine voice and compare it to the voice recording.

He took to Instagram and said;

Fake news, fake clone voice recordings.
Kindly disregard it.
I will be on Instagram live on Sunday for clarity sake, distinguishing the fake voices from the real voice if need be.”


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