“Oga you will wash plate”, on Simi’s 6 dating rules for men

Mar 27, 2020 | Trending

Popular Nigerian singer, Simi, is a woman who is just as popular for her music as she is for her wit and strong stance on the things she believes in.

I’m curating a new series which is untitled at the moment, but the gist of it is simple: I pick a Nigerian celebrity and gather their best tips on specific topics ranging from dating to business to spirituality to whatever I think is interesting to me and you.

To kick it off, I thought: why not start with an artiste who has a lot of wisdom and is good at giving advice that’s solid. Why not start with Simi, and why not start with her advice for men in this world that we call dating.

So without further ado, here are Simi’s 6 Dating Rules For Men.

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Alright, without further ado, let’s jump in!

Rule #1: Be Consistent.

Simi and her now-husband Adekunle Gold’s relationship that was kept very private. But in an interview with Ndani’s “The Juice”, she disclosed how Adekunle met her and how he chased her.

It’s a really cute story. She said:

He was chasing me all over Facebook. When I was doing gospel music, he used to listen to my songs.

The first time I ever saw him, I was supposed to do a show at Bogobiri and he came for the show. That was the first time I ever met him.

Over the years, we were friends at first. When I first met him, I knew him as king of Photoshop. I didn’t know he was doing music seriously.

He chased her on Facebook, told her in the coming years, they’d do a show together, heard she was doing a show in Bogobiri and went out there to see her. That’s the first time they actually met. Isn’t that crazy!

This thing called consistency, putting in the time, chasing the person you’re interested in…there is a lot to say about it. And in the case of Simi and Adekunle Gold, it ended in them getting married. So guys you never know, that person you have feelings for, tell them, and more than that, show them.

Rule #2: Don’t Be Fake or Try To Live A Fake Life

In one of Simi’s Snapchat rants, she talked about guys who say they’ve “forgotten their wallets” after taking a girl out on a date. And to those men, she says in very true Simi fashion that if you try that with her, “Oga, you will wash plate!”

As funny as the video is, it speaks to something very true that we see a lot of. Which is people who try to flaunt a lifestyle that they cannot afford. There is nothing wrong with the come-up, there is nothing wrong with not being where you are financially at the moment, but lying and trying to escape when the bill comes, that’s simply not a good look!

Rule #3: Be Dependable.

Now that you have been consistent in your toasting, you’ve gone out on legitimate dates where you weren’t lying or scheming, and now you both are dating. The next rule becomes to be dependable in the relationship.

Speaking to Punch Magazine in 2016, Simi said:

I like a man that can make me laugh and make me happy. A man that can tell me ‘no’ when I need to hear it and one that I can depend on even when I’m at my worst.

This is solid advice. If you don’t agree with what your significant other is doing, tell them. Part of love is being honest and trusting that the other person will know that any advice you give isn’t coming from a place of contention. So tell them “no” when you have to say no, and be dependable. Do it if you say you’re going to do it. Show up if you say you’re going to show up. Nobody likes someone they can’t rely on.

Rule #4: Give Credit Where It’s Due.

In friendly but fiery banter on Twitter, Adekunle Gold and Simi went at it.

It started when Adekunle Gold posted this picture on Instagram with the caption:

I picked up a book and finished it. This is a big deal for me, as I have never been a good reader in my entire life. I always wondered how it was easy for people who read all the time, when I couldn’t even get past the preface of any book. But today, I am proud of myself for achieving this feat.

To this in the comment, Simi responded:

I keep asking for my credit. Where’s my credit? Over and over again. You keep ignoring me. There’s only so much I can take in this relationship.


So what has this taught us guys? Give credit where it’s due. 🤣

Rule #5: Don’t Cheat.

Simi has strong views about cheating when it comes to both men and women.

In an interview with HipTV, she said:

Nobody is allowed to cheat in a relationship, but they do it anyway. If a man cheats, he is treated like scum. If a woman cheats, she is treated like scum, too. Obviously, people are harder on women.

The society is harder on women who cheat and I think that is ridiculous. If you value what you have and if you value someone you are with, you are going to do your best to treat them right. This is the way I feel about it. It’s the same for a guy and a girl.

They say it is a man’s world. But, I think it is a man’s world because we let it be so. It is not a man’s world because they (men) have any special powers nor is it a woman’s world because we have any special powers. We are all supposed to be good to each other. I am supposed to value you as a man and you are supposed to value me as a woman.

I have nothing else to add. Simisola has said it all as regards this topic of cheating.

On to the final rule:

Rule #6: Keep Your Relationship Private.

During the dating process up until their wedding, Simi and Adekunle Gold kept their relationship private. There was a lot of speculation but nobody knew for sure if the two were really an item.

Speaking on why she decided to keep her relationship private in an interview with Africa Interviews, Simi said:

I feel like that is my private life and I like to keep it private because by the time you put it out there, it is like you are inviting opinions and I don’t want anybody’s opinion on my relationship.

So far it’s working for her and we couldn’t be happier for her.



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