How Lady Paid 7 Men To Gang Rape Her Friends After They Threw Her Surprise Birthday Party

Jun 20, 2020 | News

A lady, (name withheld) has been arrested along side 7 young men after she paid them to gang rape two of her friends.

Naija News learnt that the incidence occured at somewhere on the Island.

The lady was said to have been angered by her friends who mocked her for not being a virgin, claiming that they were virgins.

The lady then hired the men to rape her two friends who came to her house on her birthday in a bid to surprise.

Naija News learnt that they were Chivita already laced with weed & codeine, which both took unsuspectingly!

The men they started to molest and rape them violently.

The security men at the gates of the estate were however alerted by the sreams of the girls and then came to their rescue.

The boys have since then been arrested and detained, while the two victims are at the hospital receiving treatment.


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