‘I Almost Committed Suicide Over Money’ – Harrysong

Mar 20, 2020 | Gossip

Popular Nigerian singer, Harrysong, has given full details on why he almost committed suicide years back, saying it was due to being duped.

Two years ago, Harrysong posted a rather disturbing message on social media as he insinuated on dying soon.

This led fans and social commentators to give various versions of what led to such message, though he has come out now to clear the air.

In a recent interview, the singer revealed that he was saving up for a business in the oil and gas sector but ended up getting duped. The singer further revealed that he had a lot of money at that time but he was very much saddened by the news. He said;

“I know it was everywhere about how down I was. I already had plans for 2020, I was saving for a business. I’m from Delta State and we have oil. I was saving to get into a major business in oil and gas and I was duped. When I got the news that I had been duped of N180 million, it was almost everything to me at the time.

“When I said I was down, I was really down. But thank God for grace that we’re back stronger. Now, there’s life and talent , we are ready for the next phase. People thought I was going to die, but I wasn’t (laughs). It’s only been a year and some months since then and I have more. While there’s life there’s hope. Almost everybody; those who loved me, those who hated me, the ones that wanted to stand by me, some called to check if I had really died (laughs), but almost everybody reached out.”

Culled from gistreel.


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