Don’t believe everything they see on social media – Actress, Belinda Effah

Dec 9, 2020 | Entertainment

​According to the 30-year-old actress, anyone who believes everything they see online is an idiot “Mumu” because people only post their best sides on social media and not their failures or struggles.

She tweeted,


If you believe everything you see on social media then you are a mumu. If people only post their best sides and never their failures or struggles. Then it’s all fake. No one dropped from the sky

Belinda effah blasts

In other news, Belinda Effah and a few others have shared a post addressed to internet fraudsters in the country following the #EndSARS protests.

In the post shared on her Instagram page, Belinda stated clearly that the #EndSARS protests in the country is not to support crime but is a fight against injustice.

The actress was backed by her colleague, Lizzy Jay who reshared the post with the caption,

“I heard some Yahoo people jubilating!….Just so you know, we are reforming the whole System! #EndPoliceBrutality #EndSARS”

Both ladies added that once the fight against injustice is over, there will also be a fight against cybercrime.


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