Passengers flee from bus after spotting a Chinese man on board a ‘trotro’ in Ghana

Mar 28, 2020 | Trending

It might have been a cautionary measure for most passengers aboard a minibus; ‘trotro’ at one of the country’s lorry stations, but it sure seemed awkward for some two passengers whose outlook and colour may have sparked fears.

The coronavirus which is causing huge damage across continents broke out in the Wuhan province in China, where it killed many, over 3,000 persons and has since spread to several countries.

It may have been what influenced some passengers aboard this bus who decided to disembark immediately some two Chinese-looking passengers, joined the public transportation means.

A video which has gone viral shows the bus, with the two supposed Chinese nationals, sitting right behind the driver’s seat and all other passengers who had previously boarded the bus, getting off the bus.

A gentleman, in the video, is heard describing what happened,

“Some two Chinese have entered the sprinter and all Ghanaians aboard are getting down. They are all running for their lives, they are afraid of coronavirus. Every passenger is getting down for fear of getting the virus,” he is heard saying.

Many have since described the act by these passengers as discriminatory, especially because, it can’t be ascertained if these are indeed Chinese nationals, or how long they have been in the country prior to the break out of the disease in China.

Others, however, believe they had every right to follow their instincts considering the risks involved.


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