“A prophet will tell Africans their mother is evil, without evidence & they’ll abandon the poor woman” – Reno Omokri writes

May 4, 2020 | Trending

Amazon’s Best Selling author, Reno Omokri has dragged Africans for being more superstitious than religious.

In a post he shared on the micro-blogging platform Twitter on Monday, April 4, 2020, the Nigerian American based writer regretted that Africans particularly Nigerians think that Bill Gates is evil because of unfounded rumours and conspiracy theories.

Writing further the author made reference to how pathetic some Africans can be by talking about how some Africans would easily abandon their mother because a prophet told them she’s evil without evidence.

Nonetheless, the writer who belongs to same religious school of thought with OAP, Daddy Freeze who recently said that 5G is not anti-Christ noted that he is not surprised at people’s ingratitude towards Bill Gates who he thinks has made his mark in making life technologically easier.

He concluded by saying Africans are superstitious but think they’re religious.


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