“Choose your circle of friends carefully or you will end up in poverty” Reno Omokri

Jun 30, 2021 | Entertainment, Trending

Reno Omokri, a human rights activist, suggests that having the incorrect circle of acquaintances can influence one’s decision to be poor or wealthy.

According to the politician, there should be a balance between fun and work, making a group of friends who solely talk about fun detrimental to one’s career advancement.

Reno Omokri wrote in an Instagram post:

 “Look at your circle of friends. What do they regularly discuss? Babes, guys, clubbing, designer clothes, football, etc. Such a circle will make you travel in circles. You need a circle that talks business, progress and fitness, as well as pleasure.


Find a balance between work and play. To work without playing leads to stress. To play without working leads to poverty. But to balance work and play leads to financial, relational and emotional prosperity. Have a business and a love interest, and friends and a hobby.”


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