Model who twerked on DJ Khaled’s live says she’s remorseful, respects his marriage, his beautiful wife and family

May 13, 2020 | Trending

The model in question, said she had no ill intentions and thought Khaled’s live was like that of Tory Lanez – The model added further assured people that she respected Khaled’s marriage, his family and wife so she had no intentions of breaking them up

Sophia James, a US model who went on DJ Khaled’s live feed to twerk, has apologised for her actions and termed the ordeal as a huge misunderstanding. The influencer decided to defend her image after being bashed by social media users and being turned into a laughing stock all over the internet. The lady said she initially thought Khaled was hosting a thirst trap feed like that of Tory Lanez dubbed as Quarantine Radio.

She thought the DJ wanted to host a twerk fest that included a small incentive for the participants. Sophia further said she was sorry for the mixup and maintained she had a lot of respect for the entertainer, his wife and family.

The twerker further explained Khaled’s family and marriage was strong enough to handle the small misgiving and her actions could not affect the DJ’s union.

“I respect DJ Khaled and his beautiful wife and family. I am more than sure to bank his marriage is stronger than an IG live video gone viral,”.

Sophia told The Shaderoom. According to her, a lot of people slid into her DMs to curse her out and reprimand her for disrespecting Khaled.

Apparently, people promised to hold her accountable if she led the DJ and his wife to divorce. The whole shebang started when Khaled went on Instagram to say hi to his fans and address them while they were home. He spoke to them for a few minutes before getting a request from Sophia to host the live session with him.

When the DJ accepted, the hoity toity model came on dressed in a showy pair of shorts and a bra that barely covered her rack. She then started shaking her behind as she poured water on herself. Khaled stopped the whole thing immediately and said he had a wife and a family so he could not entertain that.


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