WhatsApp conversation of 31-year-old Nigerian woman begging her 25-year-old boyfriend because she needs a husband has people talking

Aug 31, 2020 | Entertainment, Gossip

The WhatsApp conversation between a couple has been shared on social media and the contents show them debating over the next step of their relationship.

As can be seen in the chat, the lady, 31 year old, pleads with her 25 year old man named Eyitayo to take what they had to the next level, but Eyitayo stated that he can’t because he is way younger than she is and all he wanted was a fling.

The lady then went on to say that time is not on her side and she needs a husband but he insisted on not wanting to have anything serious that may lead to marriage because he cannot afford to take care of himself or her.


The lady however told him that financial responsibility won’t be a problem because she intends to take care of that, and she just wants to settle down with him.

The conversation went back and forth for a while, but she told him to think about her proposal to take care of him throughout their relationship and he shouldn’t make any hasty decision.

Read their conversation below,


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