Sidechick kills married boyfriend in Uyo, steals his SUV and N7 million

Aug 5, 2021 | News, Trending

A lady has been arrested by men of the Nigerian Police Force for killing her boyfriend and escaping with his Mercedes Benz 4matic and the car papers in Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State, according to reports.

Miss Laureta Walter is suspected of assassinating Chukwuemeka Chikoha and fleeing with his Mercedes Benz 4matic jeep and about seven million naira.

Mr. Chikoha, who was married, had been ‘dating’ Miss Walter for about a year, according to family sources. They were said to be on excellent terms until Mr. Chikoha’s body was discovered in a pool of blood in his room on August 4th, 2021.

Chikoha’s decomposing body was discovered after his business associates couldn’t reach him on the phone. On Tuesday, August 3rd, the deceased, an importer, was supposed to clear some of his products, but he was nowhere to be found.

After numerous calls went unanswered, a close friend decided to pay him a visit on Wednesday, August 4th, at his home on No. 2 Samuel Effanga street, Osongama housing estate in Uyo, to inquire about his whereabouts. When the friend arrived, he was greeted by his gateman, who informed him that his boss had left the house early on Tuesday and that he had not seen him since.

Both men were surprised and went to investigate the building to see if anyone was present. The front door was open when they arrived, which they  thought unsual. They decided to check Mr. Chikoha’s room because the home was empty, and when they opened the door, they found the deceased’s decomposing body on the bed in a pool of blood.

Chikoha was last seen alive on Monday about 8 p.m., when he returned with Miss Walter, according to subsequent inquiry. The gateman verified that he had seen both of them, adding that they had purchased fast food and gone inside for the night.

During interrogation, he confessed that he was awoken by the blasting horn of the deceased’s Mercedes Benz jeep on Tuesday morning about 5 a.m., and thinking it was his boss driving, he hurriedly opened the gate without exploring the car to see who was inside.

On Monday, Chikoha had a large sum of money in his residence, which he expected to use to clear his items the next day, according to an eyewitness and friend who talked to reporters on the condition of anonymity.

According to the eyewitness, after uncovering the body, they realised that the bag in which Chikoha kept the money was empty.

A Toyota Highlander Jeep and a Mercedes Benz 4matic Jeep were among the deceased’s automobiles. Interestingly, the Mercedes Benz jeep’s vehicle documents were also missing.


The Mercedes Jeep was tracked to a hotel in the Ewan housing development by police detectives. When the operatives confirmed that it belonged to the deceased, they discovered that it was driven by Miss Walter, who was staying at the hotel. At the moment, she was not on the premises.

After returning to the hotel in an Uber taxi, she was caught in an ambush and detained quickly. According to a credible source, when the police searched her hotel room, they discovered a large sum of money (about N7 million). She had also purchased numerous accessories, boxes, and clothing, as well as changing her hair style.

The Uber driver admitted to taking Miss Walter to a hair salon, a market, and a road safety office in Uyo after being interrogated. Miss Walter had requested that he accompany her to Ogoja in Cross River state to renew her driver’s licence, but he refused, claiming that he could not travel ‘inter-state,’ but that he knows someone who can assist her.

She complied, according to our source, and he drove her to the Road Safety Office to receive a new licence. Miss Walter had asked the road safety officer to assist her in driving a new vehicle she had purchased to Ogoja, he claimed, adding that her ‘hand was not yet strong’ in driving.

Miss Walter was taken to the Ewet Housing Estate Police Station in Uyo’s B division. She told the police she merely brought the car out for ‘Wheel Balancing and Alignment,’ and that she had no knowledge of the crime.

Mr. Odiko Ogbeche-Macdon, the state Police PRO is yet to return the text messages sent to his mobile phone for comment on the matter.


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