BamBam’s post pregnancy weight gain has fans talking

Sep 26, 2020 | Entertainment, Gossip

Fans of reality TV star, BamBam have expressed concerns about her post pregnancy weight gain.

BamBam weight gain

Recall that BamBam and her husband, Teddy A welcomed their baby girl in March, 2020 and she penned down a love note to her newly born who is named, Zendaya.

BamBam has obviously gained a lot of weight following her pregnancy, compared to her slim physique when she was in the big brother house.


BamBam weight gain

She recently shared a picture of her in a patterned dress on Instagram which has gotten people talking.

BamBam weight gain

See some of the comments,

amycreatebeauty_collection wrote, “How can just one baby change someone like this.”

estherado710 wrote, “Mama you’re putting up too much weight pls start working out 😭😭😭”

maureen_egwuo_felix wrote, “U better start watching ur weight”.

queencynny8064 wrote, “It’s too much ooo Start gym joor”

successugochi wrote, “You look good darling… Keep trying your best to watch your weight okay? I know as a breast feeding mum, it’s not always easy…. When I gave birth new i was so big, that I weighed 100 kg… I gave my self four months break because I birthed my baby through CS… Once we clocked five months, I start Jogging from 2 thousand steps daily, migrated to 5 thousand steps… Currently am doing 10,000 steps 5 times in a week, Now am weighing 72 kg from 100 kg… Am still breast feeding my baby because she is 9 months plus, so dear, just try your best okay! With consistency you will get your body back. Constant jogging and watching what enters my mouth has given me back my body.”


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