‘Local dog….your mother should teach you some manners’ — Actress Chizzy Alichi fires at Zubby Michael

Sep 6, 2021 | Gossip

Zubby Michael and Chizzy Alichi, two Nollywood actors, recently exchanged words on social media about the actor’s thoughts on the recently released film ‘King of Boys 2’.

Sola Sobowale, a veteran actress, played Eniola Salami, the king of boys, in the new film, but Zubby slammed her role, claiming that a woman can never be the king of boys.

Chizzy Alichi, an actress, was offended by Zubby’s remark and expressed her displeasure with his viewpoint, stating that a woman can be anything she wants to be.

A woman can be anything and whatever she wants to be. What a man can do, a woman can do better. Oba has my vote”, she said.

The actor, on the other hand, retaliated with a sexist remark. He referred to her as a local woman who was attempting to imitate western society.

He said, “know your category, local girl wey the copy oyinbo, I will talk to your husband later not your darling. NDI ala NDI ala nonsense and ingredients”.

Chizzy didn’t take his comment lightly and fired back; “I said what I said without insult but because your mama no train you well, you decided to insult yourself. I will talk to your mother not you my darling, so she can teach you manners. Local dog.”

See the exchange below;


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