A Monarch Intervened When I Was Abducted By People I Trusted – Chris Ngige

Aug 16, 2020 | News

Chris Ngige, minister of labour and employment, has in an interview, narrated how a traditional ruler intervened on the day he was abducted as governor of Anambra state.

Ngige, was on July 10, 2003 held hostage by some gunmen in Awka, Anambra State Capital.

At the time, he was governor between 2003 and 2006.

Speaking in an interview with THISDAY, Ngige gave an account of what truly transpired between him and his abductors.

The first thing that comes to mind each time I flash back is the maxim that everything that happens to a man is for a purpose is very correct. If you are a believer in God, you will know that even if suffering is inflicted on you, it may turn out for your own good,” he said.

So, when July 10 came, I wasn’t expecting it. I did not have any premonition. Even though I picked some intelligence reports but it wasn’t clear. The last call was from my friend, Chris Uba and that was early in the morning of July 10 and said he was going to Lagos to do one or two things and I wished him safe journey. But around 9am – 8:30 am, the state chairman of the party, Barr. Ifeatu Obi-Okoye came to see me in my hotel, Choice Hotel, because the governor’s lodge was being renovated; it wasn’t in a good condition. I was told the state chairman was looking for me and when he came, two things happened.


“Maybe for me not to suspect anything, he said he wanted to talk to me; that he is interested in becoming a commissioner. And I asked him what portfolio he was interested in, that having worked with me to become governor, any portfolio he was interested in, is deserving except, Attorney General, because he is a lawyer.

“I told him except Attorney General because he wasn’t a senior advocate and I told him plainly that I needed a senior advocate; that I needed to change the standard of things in Anambra State. I want to enthrone excellence; that I wanted my attorney general to be a senior advocate and my commissioner for finance, a chartered accountant. So, he thanked me very profusely and it was in the course of thanking me that he told me that he had just left our common friend and political leader in our caucus.

So, he said he had just left him and I said in Enugu? He said No, in his Guest House in Awka and I said, is he in Awka? He said yes, so my antenna went up. Something is wrong. Somebody who told me he was going to Lagos and is here in Awka. But I have my own way of doing things. At times, I leave problems to solve themselves.

“So, I went to the office at 10. I usually get to the office 9:30 but that day maybe because of those visitors, I got there 10. By 11, the whole drama started. I saw my ADC pushed out, something like ruffling and scuffling at the ante room, in front of my office by the late AIG Ralph Ige and the man who came with him – a three star, DSP, fully armed. Ige was in mufti. But I had seen him two days earlier in Enugu at Chris Uba’s house on my way from Abuja.

“I saw Ige there and we exchanged pleasantries. He was drinking palm wine. I took just a sip, not being a big drinker. So, when I saw him, I didn’t understand the push at the door. He came in, sat down but usually when police officers see us, even the CP anywhere, they salute you because you embody sovereign. They are not saluting you because you are Mr. A or B, they are saluting the office, but Ige didn’t salute me and was also not in uniform.

The Police Officer Was Rude To Me

He didn’t also chest out too, so that was the first sign. He sat down on the sofa. I was writing something on my table and I said welcome, went to sit on the single-seater near him. I then said this one you are dressed in mufti is it well, have you started your retirement leave? I knew he would retire in matter of months. And he said no, o, he was on duty here. I said ok, do I offer you anything, he said no. Of course, he was smelling alcohol that early morning. I said to myself that something was obviously wrong.

So, I went back to my table. Then he told me, oga, you have to come down from that table. I said why. He said I have instruction you should discontinue work. And I said from whom. He said from high up. And I said which one is high up. You mean high up or high down. He said I don’t know, I should stop querying him. Bloody police officer telling me I should stop querying him. I said there is a lot on. So, when I picked my phone, he said no, no, no, I should drop the phone; that you are not to answer any call.

“And it was an outside call. So, when another call came on my intercom, he said I should drop it and I said no, this is intercom; is my secretary calling me. So, when I picked the intercom, my secretary said the state Director of SSS wanted to speak to me. The Director of SSS, Okogie told me he heard some people are my office.


“As we were there, the clerk of the Anambra State House of Assembly Mr. Alloysius Ikwuka came in. He was my secondary school Latin teacher, who we used to call Gozoga, when we were in school.


His face was very downcast. Immediately, the AIG saw him, he said ooh clerk you are here. Oya, bring the letter. So, they brought the letter – my resignation letter as governor and then, they brought out another letter that I have accepted the house of assembly resolution accepting my letter of resignation – two letters. When you sign the resignation, the house will do a resolution of acceptance and then bring it back to you to sign – acknowledge.

“So, I refused both and I told him that this resignation letter was not from me. So there was argument and altercation. Then, the clerk left and Ige said I must sign and I said Never! I won’t sign. He said in my own interest I have to sign it. I said which interest. I said the highest interest you have is that you have pistol, bring it out naah, let’s see. I was waiting. If he had brought out his pistol, I would struggle for the pistol with him and I will take it from him.

“I was very angry. I asked him, is that why you are here? Is that why you are here for over four hours to parade a forged paper? I said please leave me. He said no, no, no you are no longer governor. And I said yes I accept am no longer governor.

“So I started packing my things. He said no, no, no, I shouldn’t touch anything. I said no, these are my files; I came with them and am going with them. I pressed my bell for my secretary to come. She couldn’t because they have locked all the staff. So I carried my bag and was shouting and going out. He said come back and I said no. I am not coming back.


“He then ran after and said he has instruction to take me to my village and I said how? He said that’s the instruction from Abuja and I said which Abuja. I said who in Abuja gave you the instruction? He said this is the instruction. I said no, I am not going to my village. He said where do you want to go. I said I want to go to Lagos to meet my family. So, he said ok, anywhere you want to go, we take you there. So, I brought my driver, of course, they have taken my staff, official car, folded the flag, covered everything, so entered my 406, my private car.

“I usually put it in the convoy, because I didn’t have full convoy of cars, so, I was using some of my personal cars. I entered and he put the DSP with AK47 in front of the car. So as we drove out, I saw two big lorries of anti-riot policemen following us. Unknown to me, my immediate elder sister was also following, trailing us. When we got to a place called Kwata Junction in Awka, it occurred to me I could go to my hotel. So, I told the driver, turn, go to the hotel so I can take my bags.


So, at the hotel, I was at the courtyard. I asked for a seat and sat down and said to the man I will need my PA to do the parking and that I had to wait for him. The DSP said no, I should go up and do it. Argument started raging. My sister was challenging them and my S.A Media, Fred Chukwuelobe was peeping at us and when they saw I had the courage and everything, they then rushed to Anambra radio and put up an announcement. They were already announcing that I had resigned and that the state house of assembly had accepted my resignation.

“They now put a counter because they heard me at the courtyard telling the police I had not resigned and that I didn’t know what they were talking about; that am still the Governor. So, they were challenging me. Four policemen with the DSP with the truckload outside, I didn’t fear. We were now in the public glare. They had their guns but somehow now afraid of bringing them out. So we had altercation for close to 20 minutes in the courtyard. Then, one traditional ruler, Igwe Mbaukwu, came around and passed.

“He is an APGA man and is very angry I am a PDP governor. They claimed that APGA won the state and we took it by force. So, he didn’t look my way and passed. In fact he was my friend in the Alex Ekwume campaign. He was one of those that went to Jos. He was Ekwueme man to the core. Igwe Anugwu of Mbaukwu. So, when he went and came back, went and came back, he heard the altercations and came to ask me what was going on. I told him this people said I have resigned when I have not resigned. He said what? But we heard on the radio you have resigned. I said No, I didn’t; don’t mind them! So he came back to me and said would you like to speak with Dr. Alex Ekwueme? I said the VP, I said yes. So, when he came to give me the phone, the police attacked him. Luckily, the man usually carries a pistol approved for him by President Shagari. So, when they cocked their guns, he brought out his pistol.


“So they thought he was a force man, an army officer or something like that. So they calmed down and went to report to their oga, the AIG- that I brought some armed people to the place. So Igwe Mbaukwu finished that call and asked what else, because Ekwueme only said aah, is it what is happening now. Who can be responsible and I said I don’t know but it looks like it is Obasanjo and his people. So that was how the episode got to the climax and started climbing down.”


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