Slain Policeman’s widow accuses her in-laws of diverting N20 million compensation

Aug 24, 2021 | News

Mrs Blessing Swawale, the widow of a police officer killed by unknown gunmen in Oyigbo, Rivers State, has accused her in-laws of taking the N20 million compensation and other benefits her husband was entitled to.

The woman said she was still in pain after her husband, Inspector Orman Swawale, was killed by gunmen on October 20, 2020, when three police stations in Oyigbo were attacked.

During the attack on the Oyigbo Police Station in the aftermath of the #EndSARS protest, the gunmen killed four police officers,and carried away guns from their stations.

Blessing said her late husband’s brother collected the N20 million granted to her as compensation by the government in an interview on Sunday.

She said, “Since I got married to my husband, I have never seen my husband’s family help us with anything. God blessed us with four children. He (late Orman) was the only one catering for those children. But today, he is no more with me. My children’s school fees and what we eat are on me. I was not in Port Harcourt when the governor gave us that money. I was in my husband’s village.

“So, one of the policemen that stood in for me handed everything to my husband’s brothers. They took me to a bank where they sent the money. From there, they (in-laws) collected everything from me.

“My husband’s salary that the government is paying, his ATM card and mobile telephone are with them.

“I don’t know what to do with my children. I have handed over myself with my children to God because it is the same God that knows why this thing happened. But day and night I will not stop crying because it was my husband that used to wipe my tears. Now, see what I am passing through. 

“I think of my husband’s death. I think of what we will eat and what I will use in training my children in school. I am in pain.”

While noting that she had to relocate with her children for fear of being hurt, the widow appealed to the police authorities and the Rivers State Government to help her recover the money to enable her to take care of her children.

Mr Felix Swawale, the deceased’s elder brother, denied the allegation.

He said, “Call her and she will tell you the name of the person that she went to the bank with and N19m entered the hand of that person.

“She has the name of that person. She has the number of that person. Let her give it to you. I have never gone to the bank with her. I have never signed any money with her and I have never collected any money that I denied her.”

The widow, on the other hand, stated that Felix was aware of it, and that the family had agreed in a meeting to deny Orman’s benefits.

Nnamdi Omoni, a spokesman for the state police command, expressed surprise at the claims and urged the widow to file an official report with the command.

“First, let her come to the office so that we can understand what she is saying. We will listen to her,” Omoni stated. ,,


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