Kate Henshaw livid after a follower accused her of being bribed to promote Covid-19 as a real thing

Aug 17, 2020 | News

Kate Henshaw has reacted after a follower insinuated that she was paid to make people believe COVID-19 is real in Nigeria.

The actress took to Twitter to reveal that she took a Coronavirus test and it was uncomfortable. 


She wrote: “Just took my Covid test. Mehn its uncomfortable make I no lie. I was already in tears cos this @NseIkpeEtim  told me it was painful. The lady was nice & gentle sha. Told me 2 take a deep breath while she stuck the swab stick deep inside my nose and take a deep breath.”


A follower reacted to her tweet, claiming that Kate has been paid to spread Covid-19 fear.

Kate was angered by the follower’s insinuation so she blocked the person.


She then addressed it, writing: “Some1 now commented on my IG saying” all these celebrities that have been paid to say there is Covid, God will judge you ” If I land am better curse now shay they will say Kate has started again inside blogs. I just blocked the person and moved on. COVID IS REAL!!”


Kate Henshaw expresses outrage after a follower reacted to her COVID-19 test by insinuating that she was paid to make people believe the virus is real in Nigeria


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