‘I sleep with married men to raise money to build a church’ — Lady (video)

Aug 18, 2021 | Gossip

A Ghanaian lady has said that she is genuinely gathering finances for a church and orphanage by sleeping with other people’s husbands.

According to Keila Treyy, popularly known as Larithebosschick, an actress and socialite, she has no remorse about having sex with married guys.

In an exclusive interview with media personality Arnold Mensah Elavanyo, she revealed that her drive for openly sleeping with other women’s spouses stems from the notion that she will undoubtedly be subjected to the same treatment when she marries.

She went on to argue that she couldn’t be faulted for making money by sleeping with married guys because it’s them that come after her, not the other way around.

Keila Treyy said that she had raised a significant amount of money through sex with married guys and that she will not stop until she reaches her goal.

She claims that everyone who insults her because of what she does is either envious of her and wishes they could be in her shoes, or they are doing even worse.

She also revealed how she has trained her mind to believe that her future spouse will be shared with other women because modern men can’t be trusted to live with just one woman.

When asked if she thought her manner of life was sinful, Keila Treyy said yes, but added that everyone sins in some way or another.

She defined herself as superior to street prostitutes since she is a pimp with a large number of females that she employs to guys.

See video below;


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