‘I met my dream husband as a single mother of 2’. A Nigerian lady narrates how she went from being a single mother of two to a side chic, then a wife

Apr 13, 2020 | Gossip

A Nigerian lady with the name Adetoun has revealed how she got her dream husband despite the fact that she was already a single mother of two children.

In an Instagram post, she narrated how she went from being a single mother with two kids, to becoming a side chic and then a wife.

She said that after she lost her first home, everything went bad for her as she felt that the world failed and abandoned her. So, she prayed to God to send her a man and eventually, her husband met her and insisted that she was the one for him.

She went on to become his side chic even though he had a “wife as a co-tenant”. From there, she became his girlfriend and is now the man’s wife.

She shared her story while taking part in the wife VS side chic challenge.

She shared a photo collage showing her as a single mother, then as a side chic praying that the man, named Larry, will make her his wife “above all the other babes” around him. Another shows her as a girlfriend when said she began “slaying” more than ever so that her man will not drop her. Now that she’s his wife, she said she is slaying “hotter than fire.”

She revealed that she got the support of her husband and her family before she shared her story.


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