Angry Nigeria man reacts bitterly after Imo state government declares closure of markets and work places without an alternative

Apr 1, 2020 | Trending

As a concerned Nigeria I’m here to speak on this.

Almost Every state in Nigeria have banned people from going to market. Gathering. Movement and etc without providing an alternative measures.

USA just signed a CareDeal to give every citizen $1200 which have commenced. That’s like 400k+ in naira. This is individually ooo. So they can stay at home while providing them with standard and fast reliable healthcare.

But here in Nigeria we didn’t even get 1 cup of rice each! Do you know that hunger kills even faster than the said virus?

Tho some of us online hardly admit our roots but I must tell you that someone like my mom and many others in my village only sells “Akpu seeds” cassava every Eke market day and that’s what they use to sustain and feed their home till the next Eke market day.

Tell me how such people will survive while the markets are closed down? Some fry garri to sell. Some cook akpu. Some pluck vegetables leaves and so many things to sell in the market every major market day to sustain the family till the next.

What are the alternatives for such women? Do you want them and their kids to die of hunger knowing that’s their only means of survival?

Yes we’ve to stop the spread of this virus but let’s not forget that poverty and hunger is a bigger virus.

Our governors. LGA chairmen and house of reps can actually share bags of rice and many stuffs to Rural communities. They can do it times 10 but they won’t. All they care for is to save up for their next 10th generation to come. Ndi igbo si na ala adighi nma bu uru ndi nze. That’s what will happen. Watch our rulers take advantage of this situation to enrich themselves and families.

Hunger virus will destroy many even worse than the said corona virus. This country is not doing well at all.

Our leaders should know that this will affect most of our mothers and siblings in the village because they’ve no alternative.

Even most boys in the city are hungry. The police don’t want us to look good anymore. You’ll be harassed if you manage to get a nice haircut. Braids or dreads. If you look good with designer wears you’re in trouble. They want us to continue dwelling in poverty. They’ve arrested many innocent guys. Stopped the hustle of many guys that are the pillars of their family. Rendered many guys hopeless in the street yet they’ve no alternative for us.

Now some of them are trying to build centers for quarantine just because it’s clear to them that the virus is not only for the poor. If it was only for the poor I’m sure them and their families won’t even bother about this situation.

Being a Nigerian is a bigger virus than the corona virus.

Read and share.
We can’t afford to lose our mothers, fathers Nd siblings in the village to hunger. We can’t create more problems while trying to solve a problem. Reach out to the rural communities. Distribute food items. Our government is equal to this task. Give people money. Don’t put us into more problems while you’re trying to solve a problem.

Thank you.
A concerned IMO/Nigerian indigene.


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