Pay attention to your partner, before a woman cheats, she’ll complain about what makes her unhappy – Lady advises men

Apr 25, 2020 | Gossip

A lady identified as Sharon Godwin has shared details on how men can help prevent their partners from cheating.

She said that all a woman wants is attention, loyalty and special treatment and she only cheats when such things are not being done by her boyfriend of husband.

Sharon also said that before a woman cheats, she will complain about things she does not fancy in the relationship and the onus is on her man to pay attention.

“A woman is fully capable of being faithful.All she wants is love, attention,loyalty & 2 be spoilt.Before a lady “cheats” she’ll cry& complain abt the shit that makes her unhappy,a warning be4 destruction. Pay attention to ur gal.Never make her feel single or she’ll act as such.” she wrote.


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