Ghanaian policemen harass and closes a Nigerian businessman’s shop over $1m tax

Aug 16, 2020 | News, Videos

Some Ghanaian policemen have been spotted in a viral video harassing and forcefully shutting a shop belonging to a Nigerian businessman in Accra, capital of the West African country. 


The Nigerian businessman who challenged the officials clearly stated that he has paid both his company tax and all other necessary fees even before registering his business. He went ahead to show off the documents which backed his claim and also asked the policemen to provide evidence of non-payment of tax by him.


The businessman who criticized the policemen for treating their fellow Africans so unfairly, said he is being harassed over the non-payment of $1 million as tax to the Ghanian government.


In the video obtained by PR Nigeria, he was heard saying; 

“I have been doing business in Ghana since 2007, and I have not defaulted in paying my tax. I have the necessary papers to back up my claim. You guys are only closing our shops because of the $1 million you ask us to pay. Where do you want us to get the $1 million”.


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