“The reason I cut my hair was to honor those that died during end sars” — Omawumi

Sep 18, 2021 | News

Nigerian musician Omawumi, has revealed what inspired her new ‘low cut’ hairstyle.

In an interview with HipTv, the singer stated that she cut her hair live in the video for her hit song, “Bullshit,” because she was depressed over the loss of lives during the pandemic and the EndSARS protest last year.

She expressed her dissatisfaction with the fact that people were dying and the country was honouring mediocrity.

She said that she was tired with the circumstances at the time and had decided to shave her head.


She said;

“I cut my hair on my video that I did; the song is titled BS. I cut my hair live on that video because when I was writing it, I was in a place of despair. It was during the pandemic and I was losing people left right centre.”

“There was the ‘Soro Soke’ in the background. People were dying. It just felt like nothing was going right with the country. We were celebrating mediocrity.”


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