Ebonyi: Police Arrests Former Commissioner For Murder

Jun 20, 2020 | News

A former Commissioner for Border Peace and Conflict Resolution in Ebonyi State, Donatus Ajah, has been arrested by the State Police Command over murder allegations.

Ajah who is also known as Zentus was accused of having a hand in the death of a 46-year-old-man identified as Azubuike Inya.

According to the police, the former commissioner and Inya are from Amankwo village, Nkpoghoro community, Afikpo North Local Government Area of the state.


The further report revealed that Inya was killed during a communal crisis, involving two factions in Amankwo. One of the factions is said to be led by Ajah, while the other is led by one Ifeanyi Obila.

A source while speaking on the development revealed that the death of Inya which took place on May 23, 2020, was as a result of another clash between the groups.

It was gathered that the suspected killers stormed the village and inflicted machete cuts on some villagers, a development that threw the community into chaos.


The source added that Inya, on hearing about the attack rushed to the scene of the incident to plead with the attackers to stop, but the hoodlums attacked him instead until he died.

Ifeanyi’s brother, Joel, claimed that the killers’ targeted his brother, who is a surveyor.

He said, “When these people came and could not find my elder brother, who I think was their target, they started attacking everyone there and people were running helter-skelter.”

“That was when Azubuike Inya came from the village. He pleaded with them not to do such a thing because it was not good. They attacked him and killed him with their machetes.”

Ajah while reacting to the allegation levelled against him, denied any involvement in the incident.

He said, “The truth is that I was not at home and so cannot tell how the crisis that led to Azubuike’s death began, apart from what I heard from eyewitnesses.”

“There is no way I could have directed anyone to kill Azubuike or any other human being. Was he a goat or an animal that I can kill to eat the flesh? Was he not a human being created like everyone else? Which problem did I have with Azubuike that would make people believe that I have a hand in his death? Am I contesting his father’s property with him? Was he working under me, to say he stole my money? What did he do to me to warrant being killed and what will I benefit from his death?”

“It was the same Ifeanyi Obila, who started telling people that I had a hand in Azubuike’s death. I believe God is the giver and taker of life and will always disappoint Ifeanyi and his cohorts, who feel that they will only be satisfied if they hear that I am dead.”

The Ebonyi State police command’s spokesperson, Loveth Odah, on Thursday confirmed the arrest of Ajah.

“Yes, he (Ajah) is in custody. We are still investigating the matter,” Odah stated.


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