Bandits invade Kaduna Military Barrack, kill Naval Officer and kidnap two majors

Aug 24, 2021 | Trending

Bandits have attacked the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) Afaka barracks  Kaduna, killing a navy officer.

Two majors were also claimed to have been kidnapped by the bandits.

The bandits who attacked the barracks at 1 a.m. on Tuesday are believed to still be inside the barracks.

Security has been tightened up within and around the barracks, according to a source in the barracks, to prevent the bandits from escaping with the officers.

“It was a terrible experience, the bandits took advantage of the time when most people had gone to bed to attack the barracks.”

“Right now, the whole barracks is under lock and key and security has been beefed up so that the bandits cannot leave the barracks because it is believed that they are still within,” the source said.

One of the officers injured in the attack is currently receiving treatment at the barracks’ hospital.

However, there are concerns that the bandits may opt to kill the soldiers in order to flee, according to the source.


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