Check out why this Nigerian writer is Relieved by her Father’s recent death

Aug 10, 2021 | Gossip

Wana Udobang, a Nigerian author has used social media to announce the death of her father, who had been absent from her life for 27 years.

Udobang claims that she is not saddened by his death and instead feels comfort and closure because she had already grieved him for the 27 years he had been away from her life.

The poet, who appeared to have had a strained relationship with her late father, expressed relief at the conclusion of a “dark chapter” in her life.

She wrote on Twitter;

My father died last week and for some reason I feel absolutely nothing. No sadness, no loss, no grief. What I feel though is relief and closure. I realise I already grieved his 27 year absence from our lives.
I don’t feel any sadness because I realised I have grieved through absence and through my work. I feel relief because a very dark chapter feels like it has come to an end.”


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