Actress, Iretiola Doyle Has A Lot To Say About “Talentless Twats” Who Criticize Creatives On Social Media

Aug 20, 2020 | Entertainment

Award-winning actress, Iretiola Doyle isn’t having any negative energy around her as she took to her social media page to express her displeasure with “talentless twats”.

iretiola doyle slams

The Veteran Actress came for people who she described as having “miserable directionless life” coming on social media to dismiss someone’s hardwork as trash.


She urged them to also do the work they criticize, if it were to be that easy.

She wrote,

“Lol ..SM sha. A talentless twat that has never created a thing in their miserable directionless life will just open an unwashed mouth and dismiss someone’s labour as trash. Alakori alaini nkan se..go do am if easy na. Your mouth like repository for trash”.


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