‘Stop being Lazy because of your brother’s success’ — Annie replies Tuface’s brother Charles Idibia

Sep 3, 2021 | Entertainment

Tuface Idibia’s brother had earlier claimed that Annie’s mother used ‘juju’ on the music legend, and Annie has now responded.

The saga began when Annie called out Tuface about spending the night with his ex-girlfriend, Pero.

She said that 2face’s baby mamas often use his kids as an excuse to do ‘all sorts of rubbish’.

Tuface was also accused by Annie of banding with his family to bring her public shame despite her unwavering support for him over the years.

Tuface’s brother, Charles, reacted by saying that 2face is dying slowly, unhappy, but trying to maintain peace that has never been since the beginning.

He accused Annie’s mother of resorting to ‘juju’ on her behalf and challenged her to document the wrongs his family had done to her.

Annie responded by calling him  Lazy and accusing him of trying to suffocate his brother.

She wrote;

Maybe you all don’t know your brother is tired of  everyone trying to suck him dry. Because you have a successful brother na that wan make you lazy! sad

“Living under my roof and coming here to insult me and my mother, he has seven kids yet you are still trying to suck him dry! If trying to protect my husband and kids make me evil, so be it!

“I am evil then.”


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