Kogi Gov’t Owned Radio Station Shuts Down Over Lack Of Fuel For Generators

Jun 20, 2020 | News

Kogi State government-owned broadcast outfit, Confluence FM has been reportedly shut down over poor management and lack of ample power supply.

Radio Kogi, which happens to be one of the major sources of information to residents on affairs of the government has been closed down since Tuesday, June 16, over lack of fuel in its generating set, Naija News learnt.

It was reported that the generator has been the only reliable source of power by the state-owned broadcasting outfit over time, but all went down as fuel could not be provided due to lack of funds.


Residents lament that the state government had shunned the radio station for a while to patronize other broadcasting stations. Also, monthly imprest given to the station has been halted, Daily Post revealed.

Further revelations have it that the Director-General of Kogi State Broadcasting Corporation, Alhaji Ojo Oyila, has been responsible for releasing funds for fuelling of the outfit from his own pocket, but could not go on with commitment due to the economic development in Nigeria.

An anonymous alleged that gadgets including transmitter, generator, computer and studio facilities available at the state broadcasting station are out of date.

“The radio is not supposed to go off-air now that schools are under lock and key and teaching programme has been put on hold,” said another resident of Lokoja, Mohammed Lawal.

Reacting to the development, Ojo said, “the radio station needed to be funded to broadcast for at least 18 hours daily.”

“If what I’m hearing is true about how Radio Kogi has been working, then the management must have been performing miracle to be on air.”

Contrary to the report, top official of the station who pleaded anonymity has revealed that the broadcasting station was only out of operation due to some technical hitches. He boasts that Kogi Radio station would be back on air later this Friday.

The station as at the time this report is given still remain off-air, Naija News understands.

Meanwhile, Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello while reacting to the tribunal’s ruling which upheld his victory described the judgment as an affirmation of his landmark victory on November 16, 2019.

He added that the ruling has given him more motivation to serve the people of Kogi State.


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