Former PA, Oye Kyme reveals dirty secrets about her former boss Bobrisky

Sep 25, 2021 | Gossip

Oye Kyme, Bobrisky’s former Ivorian PA, has revealed some dirty secrets about the crossdresser, as she was his Personal Assistant until the two split ways.

Oye Kyme spilled the beans on her Instagram Stories during a Q&A with her followers.


She wrote;

Bob is ugly. It’s just make up. He has beards and the beards is full of pimples. So even if he shaves it, he has to put a lot of foundation to hide it.

“He is a man, a real man. He is even bald. That is why he always wear his wig starting from the front head so that people will not notice that he’s not having hair.”

“He has a d!ck for sure because he always stands to pee. I have never seen him bending down.”

“He has a boyfriend. His boyfriend came one day at hotel room when we were in Raddison blue. He ask me to go to the reception that he has to receive a friend. So I left the room at 7pm and he called me back at 11:50pm almost midnight.”

“I really wanted to pee so I went to the toilet and I saw c*ndom full of sp3rm. I was so curious because I couldn’t imagine that man could f*xk his a$$. He told me it’s for Tosin his friend but that Tosin didn’t sleep at Raddison hotel so how come”.

“One thing I can never forget about he/she is that he can lie on people.”


See her posts below;


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