Dear men, if you complain that your wife is no longer looking beautiful, then you are at fault” – Reno says

Jul 22, 2021 | Entertainment, Gossip

Reno Omokri, a relationship expert, advises men on how to make their wives as attractive as they once were.

According to the activist, it is the fault of the husband if his wife does not look as beautiful as she once did, and he has no right to complain about it unless he fixes her up himself

In Reno Omokri’s words;

“Dear men, If a garden is not looking beautiful, it is not the fault of the garden. It is the fault of the gardener. As a husband, your wife is your garden. If you complain that she is no longer looking beautiful, then you are at fault. Remember, Eve took the apple, but God blamed Adam.

Do whatever you have to do to make your wife beautiful in your eyes. Garden flowers dress beautifully, so dress her beautifully. Flowers smell nice, so get her perfumes. Flowers that are manured grow better, so manure her with love and MONEY and your HONEY will blossom like a flower. I said WIFE. I did not say GIRLFRIEND!”


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