“I am a proud stripper” — Nigerian lady reveals, calls on colleagues to be proud of their ‘profession’

Dec 24, 2020 | Gossip

A Nigerian lady identified as Deborah, has taken to social media to reveal that she’s a proud stripper, and urged her colleagues to also be proud of the “profession”.

Deborah in a video posted on her Instagram page berate strippers who cover their faces. According to her, striping is a noble profession and something to be proud of.

She further stated that people should learn to love strippers the way they are, as it’s the job that pays their bills and puts put food on their table.


Sharing the video, she wrote,

To every soul out there,

“To my fellow strippers out there, Be proud of what you are, always make sure u pray for costumers cos if God blesses them they definitely gonna bless us, Be proud of what put foods on ur table. Be proud of ur hustle”.

In the video Deborah noted that being a stripper does not make one useless, but a way of providing for ones needs.

In her words,

“My strippers sisters in Nigeria, do not cover your face again.. just because you are stripping doesn’t mean you’re stupid, you are more useful. life has it that you have to be a stripper in life to become someone in life”.

Watch video below,







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