Actress Onyi Alex has been chastised by Junior Pope for disparaging poor guys

Aug 30, 2021 | Gossip

Junior Pope, the popular Nollywood actor, has reacted after his colleague, Onyi Alex, declared that any broke man professing his love for her is a sin.

Alex had turned to Instagram to express her feelings, calling a broke man a leach and said that such men can only trip for her from afar.

She claims that she does not want to be broke, which is why she works so hard.

She had said;  “It’s a sin for a broke man to say his in love with me..! Like how ? I hustle because I don’t wanna be broke.., it’s okay to just trip from a distance!!! .. The goal is two hustles .. not a hustle and a leach biko”.   (See image above)

Junior Pope reacted to her statement by pointing out that many wealthy men assist poor women by putting them up, and then wondered why women can’t do the same for men.

He counselled unmarried young females not to put themselves under unnecessary pressure as a result of social media advice, and reassured broke guys that they, too, can make it with consistency and prospects.

He was quoted as saying;

But na rich men help 95 percent of all the broke women before and set them up… Why cant it happen the other way round (just asking for a friend).

My dear sisters don’t be deceived…

social media will fuck your psych up…

with a broke guy or girl with prospects you can build an empire…

It’s a process make then no use pressure kill una… In your little way, you are all trying”.


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