Katsina: Bandits clash over a woman, four killed.

Jul 31, 2021 | News

Dogo Najaballah, the leader of a gang of armed bandits, was killed in the Dungun Muazu forest in  Sabuwa Local Government Area of Katsina State.

Najaballah was killed on Wednesday in a brawl between his group and a rival bandit organisation in the state over a woman’s marriage.

According to reports, he was killed by members of a rival gang.

The opposing gang was not happy with Najaballah’s interference in the marriage that culminated in the fight, according to some locals in the surrounding areas who spoke to reporters.

Members of the murdered leader’s group, on the other hand, terrorised the rival gang, killing three members.

On Thursday, a native of the area said, “We have been cautious when coming to the region for farming since Najaballah was killed yesterday (Wednesday). Some of us have even resolved not to go there for farming until the bandits’ crazy behaviour calms down.”

According to another source, Najaballah’s body was buried in the forest on Wednesday.


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