Pastor forced to marry fiancee’s corpse who died during abortion

Sep 1, 2021 | News

A pastor was forced to marry his late fiancée’s corpse, whom he is accused of killing by performing an abortion on her while she was unconscious.

Rev Dr. Sucess Emeka Sunday, the pastor of Life Transformation Praying Ministry in Akwakuma, Owerri, started dating Chioma Okoye five years ago, and the two became engaged in 2020 and began planning their wedding.

While wedding plans were in the works, Chioma, 32, became pregnant, but the pastor didn’t want the baby since his church frowns on pregnancy before marriage and it would harm his reputation.

Pastor Sunday invited Chioma over on February 24, 2021, and gave her a drink laced with a drug, according to her family. She became unconscious after drinking it.

He allegedly took her to a hospital and requested that the pregnancy be terminated by a doctor. The doctor supposedly declined, but the pastor was allegedly adamant.

Chioma began vomiting blood during the procedure, and the doctor advised that the deceased be transported to FMC.

Rev. Sunday is accused of registering his fiancée under a different name at FMC and then calling her family to inform them that she was ill.

Chioma died before her relatives could intervene, according to reports.

According to Wilfred Okoye, who spoke on behalf of the family, an autopsy revealed that she had a narcotic in her system and that the pastor had allegedly attempted to perform an abortion on her while she was unconscious before transporting her to the hospital.

The pastor is claimed to have admitted to drugging her in order to end her pregnancy after learning of the autopsy results.

The pastor was forced to marry Chioma by the deceased’s relatives before her funeral.

She was laid to rest at Umuahia, Abia, on Tuesday, August 31.

As a symbol that the pastor had married her, her name was changed on her obituary board to include the pastor’s name.

Churches still call Rev Sunday to preach, according to family members, and he’s still a theology teacher at Bethel Seminary.


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