“Never leave your kids around any man alone” – Tboss’ sister Goldie

Jul 27, 2021 | Gossip, Trending

Goldie, the sister of the reality star, Tboss Idowu has advised parents to be vigilant and watchful when any man or woman is around their children.

Goldie who seems to be coming from the angle of child molestation urged parents never to be relaxed with a person so much so that they feel comfortable leaving their children with him or her.

The mother of one added that she has heard lots of stories about parents who entrusted their child in the hands of an individual and ended up regretting it.

Captioning the video, she wrote:


“Protection is better than I am sorry.

Please don’t get me wrong. I am not saying all men and women are bad and evil but when it comes to your kids don’t risk it just to cry later. You will never know a person’s real intentions around your children. What looks like a good man and fun and playful could turn bad real quick. I personally am not for the story story. Don’t ever be to careful. Never leave your kids around any man alone. I know life will give you moments when you’re in a hurry And need to be somewhere and you need someone to watch the children but don’t make that mistake. Pay close attention to your children’s behavior and actions around the people you bring in your home. They are never too young for you to teach them what inappropriate behavior is. And be friends to your kids so they feel comfortable enough coming to you when a situation arises. I have seen so many videos and I have heard too many stories and I do not want to be a product of that. I am sorry can’t change a mistake this big. No matter how lonely you feel take your time and pray that God sends you a good man and even when he is a good man pay attention to his behavior around your children. Don’t ever turn a blind eye. Be safe is all I am saying. And if a man tells you, you are acting over protective set him straight and in my opinion watch him even closer. Any parent would bE ok with your behavior and will never question your protection . And when you go to sleep at night your kids room doors should be locked at all times. Because you would not notice when he leaves your room”.



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