“Low budget Kim Kardashian, Husband snatcher”- Twitter users blast Juliet Ibrahim for calling Africans beggers on live video

Apr 10, 2020 | Trending

Juliet Ibrahim is getting all the heat on Twitter for claiming that Africans have become popular for begging on social media.

Ibrahim had joined thousands of fans who have become ardent followers of American singer, Tory Lanez on his popular Instagram live videos.

While commenting on his live video, Ibrahim pointed out that if the video was from an African artist, fans would have turned up with their account details.

“If this was an African artist live, ill be seeing account numbers all over the place.”

This didn’t go down well with Africans as they have taken to Twitter where she has been severely dragged over that statement.

Check out how African Twitter have expressed their displeasure over Juliet Ibrahim’s post.


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