46-year-old Jeanine Delsky who began dating 23-year-old Sulaiman Babayero Isa shortly after they exchanged photos on Instagram, has arrived Panshekara which is a suburb in Kano to marry her online boyfriend one year after. Daily Nigerian reported that the single mother met her prospective in-laws immediately she arrived Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport in Kano on Saturday January 11. She described Isa as loving and sincere, and also revealed their plan of settling
in the United States after their marriage. She told Kano Focus; “He messaged me on Instagram saying

Hi. I didn’t respond because I have had
experiences with Nigerian scammers. “But there was a guy messaging me and Sulaiman knew he was a scammer so he
said “get a job and quit scamming
innocent people.” So I thought he sounded
like a nice guy.”


On his own part, Isa who just finished secondary school expressed willingness to relocate with his girlfriend to the United States. He also revealed he is not bothered about the age difference. The barber was also optimistic that his girlfriend might convert to Islam after their marriage in March.


“It’s even the Sunna of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, Peace be Upon Him, to marry a woman who is far older than you”. Fatima Suleman, Isa’s mother stated that she has
no issue with her son marrying an older woman. She also wished them a happy married life in America.