Boma slams ‘Hypocrites’ who criticize him and yet sleep with married women

Sep 10, 2021 | Gossip

Former Big brother Naija housemate Boma, has slammed those he referred as ‘hypocrites’ who criticize him for his misdeeds in the Big brother house while they themselves engage in affairs with married women.

Recall that Boma came under heavy criticism because of his amorous relationship with a married woman Tega while they were housemates in the big brother house.

Their infamous relationship enraged Nigerians who subsequently banded and voted them out.

After their eviction, the harsh words were still unending as more and more viewers trooped to their personal social media accounts to leave nasty words.

Boma said in an interview with Punch, in response to some of the nasty comments he had received:

Those actresses, are they not married with kids in their family? Don’t they kiss people on set? So, I feel people just want to be hypocrites.

Even the people that are sleeping with other people’s wives are still talking.

People were just projecting their anger. It’s like most people woke up and didn’t have a good day. With things practically rough with them, they wanted to take out their aggression or frustration on somebody.

They all come on social media and start backlashing someone.”

“If you saw me in a hotel with somebody’s wife, call me out.

If I went to somebody’s house and I was with their girl or their girl came to my house, then call me out. Don’t call me out on a show. It was just a show”


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