Stop fighting the men, women are each other’s greatest enemies – Writer Grace

May 9, 2020 | Gossip

A Nigerian lady with the handle @Grace_undiluted on Twitter has claimed that women are their own enemies not the men.

To support her claim, the lady used the popular mother/daughter-in-law relationship as an example to explain how women are often the ones who try to tear each other down.

“A woman’s greatest enemy is not a man, not the devil, not poverty. The enemy of a woman is a woman. Have you ever seen a father in law dragging the front seat of his son’s car with his daughter-inlaw? No, it’s always the mother in law who is also a wife and a daughter inlaw and definitely won’t accept the same treatment from her own mother inlaw. she is a woman. “, she said.

“The side chick that is sleeping around with married men, knowing fully well that it is capable of destroying another woman’s home is a woman. If a marriage fails, the majority of people that will blame the wife, call her names for not keeping her home are women.”, she continued.

The lady went on to accuse women of being responsible for pushing negative standards in the society.

“The people pushing negative societal standards on women are women. If a man cheats, the people who blame the wife for not cooking great meals for him, respecting him, being sexually available for him at all times. Therefore blaming her for the misdeed of the man are women.”, she said.

She concluded her write up by advising women to stop fighting men as women are the ones pulling each other down.

“Stop fighting the men, women are the ones who are busy pulling each other down every day. Address the issue from the inside and teach women to support each other rather than tear each other down. Fix a sisters crown today.”, she wrote.


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