“Give home before you giveaway” – up coming actor, Alesh Ola Sanni knocks celebrities living fake life

May 13, 2020 | Gossip

A Nigerian up and coming actor, Alesh Ola Sanni, simply known as Alesh, has given some Nigerian celebrities a huge knock for doing giveaways on social media while ignoring their families at home.

“Giveaways” have become a common trend among Nigerian entertainment icons especially on Instagram.

And this doesn’t seem to go down well with Alesh as he insists some of the celebrities doing giveaways on social media can’t showoff their family because they giveaway more than they give home.

Taking to his page on Instagram, he wrote; “I know some of y’all that be balling on Instagram (big drip) but can’t show off your Momma or Family. Bro give home before you give away. Awon Instagram ballers ”.


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