She stole the bride’s shine – Nigerians react as first wife ‘actively’ participates in her husband’s wedding to another woman

Jun 26, 2021 | Gossip

Nigerians have reacted to a photo of a first wife who was present at her husband’s second wife’s wedding.


The first wife is seen seated with the new pair during their wedding reception somewhere in northern Nigeria, according to a photo provided by HausaRoom on Monday, June 21.


While some people praised the first wife’s beauty, most are of the opinion that she stole the new bride’s shine on her wedding day. 


“This is cheating. She did her own and now crashing another person’s own.” one Hadiza wrote. 


On her part, Halima said that the first wife’s act is a sign of immaturity. “It’s the bride’s wedding day. Allow her to be. Coupled with the fact that she is even prettier than the bride.”


NorthernElan: “I beg first wife chill and let Amariya shine on her day. It’s her wedding day. Does she have to share the spotlight with Uwargida. She just stole her thunder. “


Chefbeebah: “Is it her wedding? You have had your day, let the little mermaid have hers dan Allah.”


Halima wrote: That was so wrong of her and so low of her honestly


Khadija: Abeg no try that shit with me in my wedding 


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