Mali: Jonathan And Buhari Meet In Abuja

Aug 19, 2020 | News

President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday met with former President Goodluck Jonathan at the Aso Rock Villa in Abuja.

The meeting between the two leaders is related to the ongoing peace efforts regarding the political situation in Mali.

The meeting is coming amidst reports of a possible coup in Mali after gunfire broke out at a key army base near Mali’s capital in Bamako on Tuesday, triggering fears of a mutiny in the crisis-stricken Sahel state


It will be recalled Jonathan was appointed as a special peace envoy by the Economic Community of West Africa (ECOWAS) as part of efforts to amicably resolve the political impasse in Mali.

West African leaders had been making moves to avert a full-blown civil war in the country, requesting all sides in the crisis to make some comprise in a bid to end hostilities.

Only recently, President Buhari joined other regional leaders for a meeting in the West African country but a final resolution is yet to be achieved regarding the political situation in the country.


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