Kingsley ‘Egbeigwe’ Orji has Landed in India for Surgery

Aug 30, 2021 | News

Kingsley Orji, widely known as ‘Egbeigwe,’ a prominent Nollywood actor who is suffering from a protracted leg injury, has arrived New Delhi, India for surgery.

Mr. Orji was involved in a tragic car accident two years ago and has been battling a leg injury ever since.

Mr Orji had previously accused Human Rights Activist Harrison Gwamishu of diverting funds intended for his treatment.

Orji claimed his worst blunder was revealing he knew Harrison, which is why his benefactor known as Ibori Ubulu sent a donation to him through the activist to assist him pay for the surgery.

Orji claims, though, that Harrison hasn’t checked in on him or his condition since he received the money.

Orji lamented: “Everyone knows I’ve been suffering for so long, begging God to show me mercy. God then answered me in the person of Ibori.”

Orji said he’s been going frequently to the embassy to clear obstacles so he may travel to India for treatment since the money was donated.

According to him, the embassy stated that he must have the funds in his account as proof that he can afford the surgery he is seeking.

He claims that when Harrison was told to produce the money donated for his treatment, he became enraged and urged him to bring the money into his own custody.

Mr Orji was recently assisted by another good-hearted Nigerian who sent him to India for surgery, according to reports.


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