Check out what this guy did when his girlfriend asked him for ‘urgent 2k’

Aug 8, 2021 | Gossip

Paris Oma, a Nigerian lady, has turned to social media to disclose what her male friend forced her to do for ‘urgent 2k’

Oma claims she reached out to her bestie on Facebook, requesting urgent 2k but he turned her down, claiming he didn’t have it.

Oma went on to say that when she insisted that he look for the money for her, her male friend invited her down his construction site, where he forced her to work for an hour before handing her the money she had requested.

Sharing photos of her working on the construction site, she wrote;

‘I asked my male bestie to find me something (money). He told me he doesn’t have it and I insisted he must so he told me to come to his working place so he could give me. I never knew he had the plan to give me a shovel to work. I work for 1hr and he gave me 2k. I nearly fainted. Omor e no easy oh.’


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