The average Igbo girl’s mindset is I’m beautiful, a rich man will marry me – Comedian Funnybone

Apr 27, 2020 | Trending

Nigerian stand-up comedian and actor, Stanley Chibuna, popularly known as Funnybone, is of the opinion that an average Igbo girl thinks her beauty is what brings men to her.

The comedian who won the award for the best actor in a comedy movie revealed this on Instagram Live.

He said;

“From childhood she’s been taught that all she need do is grow up, you are a fine girl, a rich man will come and marry you. That is the average Igbo girl mentality. I am Igbo, you know, am saying this with no apology to anybody here who is Igbo. Am being honest, the average Nigerian Igbo girl, average, the mindset is am a fine girl.”


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