“Tolanibaj confronted me for buying Dorathy flowers on her birthday, asked for 1M as her birthday gift when I asked her what she wanted” – Bbnaija Prince

Jun 26, 2021 | Trending

Bbnaija season 5 housemate and reality star, Prince Nelson voices out his side of the sour relationship with fellow ex-housemate, Tolanibaj, and how it affected his friendship with Dorathy.

According to Prince during an episode of the BBNaija Reunion show, Tolanibaj took it up with him after he gifted Dorathy some stuffs on her birthday.

In his words;

“During Dorathy’s birthday, I made a post, bought her flowers and everything. Next thing, Tolani comes to my WhatsApp and starts ranting.


“She was fuming, asking why I always take her for granted. She started asking why I did the stuff I did for Dora.


“I had to caution her and equally asked her to stay away from anything that has to do with Dora and I. She even went as far as throwing shades at Dorathy online.

“She also claimed that during her own birthday that I got her nothing and about the whole birthday gift thing, I don’t know how to give gifts, so when I asked her what she wanted, she asked for 1 million Naira,” he added.

Recall that Prince insisted that his relationship with Tolanibaj was nothing other than just friendship and there’s absolutely nothing like ‘PriBaj’ as most fans believed.


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