British Family Returns From Their Trip To Find Africans Hiding In Their Car’s Roof Rack

Aug 1, 2020 | News, Videos

A British family was shocked when they returned home from a trip, to find African immigrants hiding out in the roof rack of their car.

The immigrants, in a bid to get into the UK, flung out the belongings the British family kept in their roof rack. They then hid in there.

The family, unaware that there were two people in their car with them, drove into the UK. On getting home, they were shocked to find all their belongings gone and in its place, they found two Africans.

The British family were so upset but the Africans appeared unperturbed as they got down from the roof rack and made their way into the bush.

It is believed that the immigrants hid in the roof rack in Calais in France. It is a habit for immigrants in that area to try to enter the UK by hiding away in people’s cars without their knowledge.

This isn’t the first time an African immigrant has been found hiding in a family’s roof rack after they arrived in the UK.


Watch the video below.


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