“It’s better am a Yahoo Boy than to be f*cked 10 times on the a**” – Car dealer, Chidi slams Bobrisky for calling him ‘broke’

Sep 24, 2020 | Entertainment

Nigerian car dealer, Chidi has gotten back at Bobrisky for referring to him as a broke yahoo boy and alleging that he was using Erica to chase clout.

chidi slams bobrisky

There has been a lot of back and forth between Mr. Chidi and the management of disqualified BBNaija housemate, Erica and Bobrisky is also now in the mix.

The genesis of the matter was when Erica’s management called out the car dealer for failing to live up to his promise to gift Erica a car and the sum of 2 million naira.


chidi slams bobrisky

An infuriated Chidi revolted and claimed that the disqualified housemate and her team were ungrateful, adding that they won’t go far in life if they continue with their attitude.

It is in the wake of this that Bobrisky called Mr. Chidi a ‘broke yahoo boy’ and labelled his promise as an “audio promise”.

chidi slams bobrisky

Chidi, who seems to have a very quick temper has gotten back at Bobrisky. According to him, he would rather be a internet fraudseter than be gay, adding that he would deal with Bobrisky anywhere he sees him in Nigeria.

Sharing a screenshot of Bobrisky’s post, he wrote,

“I have the best auto dealership, it’s better am a Yahoo Boy than to be fucked 10times on the ass, am literally eating pasta on a lake in Baltimore and that’s probably what you wish for right now. Congrats on men fucking your ass. Mwhile, if I see you anywhere in Nigeria, I will beat you Man2Man”


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